Do you own an Airbnb property or would you like to start hosting through Airbnb? 

Jameson Design & Works offers a comprehensive plan for success through Airbnb. As Interior & Garden designers we have a unique view of how a space should be styled and stocked for the best stay. Our own Airbnb, The Jameson Cottage, in the Catskills Region of New York State is part of Airbnb Plus, has a 5 star rating and we have continuously earned Super Host for 2 years. With the knowledge we've gained being a host ourselves we would like to contribute to the success of others. Are you interested in earning more money and get a better rating, give us a call. 

  • Design Advice : Styling of the Property

  • Superhost : Learn how to become a super host

Free 1 hour Consultation for a Limited Time 

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