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     My name is Michael Jameson, I am a Designer, Artist, Farmer & Lover of Nature. I began my career in Design about 6 years ago. My foray into the world of design came out of a necessity to change my life after a life altering event. Designing & Creating is something I do everyday, something that constantly goes on in my head inadvertently, subconsciously I am always designing. Thinking how I can make something better, more aesthetically pleasing, like a never ending river rushing through.

Michael Jameson

Ardent designer of dwellings and their surroundings, focusing on connecting people to their habitat. offering clientele the marriage of lifestyle + design amidst sustainable sensibilities. innate sense of colour to bring seamless transitions from indoors to out. seasoned in working with a creative unit to bring projects alive on time + on budget. creative intuition + exceptional communication to achieve the greatest design conceivable.

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  • Skillful in conveying design ideas to a wide audience

  • Creation of striking presentation boards + materials

  • Social Networking, Blogging, Impeccable writing skills {Facebook, Instagram, social media}

  • Autocad proficiency

  • Ability to develop three-dimensional work, installation capabilities, with distinct construction + craftsmanship skills

  • Intensely knowledgeable of colour, how colour works {colour psychology} + Creating interesting colour schemes that soothe + excite

  • Designing + Creating serene spaces using organic materials

  • Great understanding of people in a grand sense{What does my client require of me for us to have a successful + mutually beneficial project}

  • Connection to the earth and surroundings {What will be best suited for this setting, client + environment}

September 25, 2019

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